Feature Exhibition: The McLaughlin Story - 150 Years of Carriages, Cars, and Canada Dry

In 2017, Canada celebrated the sesquicentennial of Confederation. As part of these celebrations, the Government of Alberta, which has the largest publicly accessible collection of McLaughlin and McLaughlin-Buick vehicles in the world, saw an opportunity for 2 of its museums to use this significant collection to tell a powerful and relevant Canadian story.

As a result, the Reynolds-Alberta Museum, in partnership with the Remington Carriage Museum, opened an exhibition about the McLaughlin family.

This joint exhibition provides visitors with an opportunity to discover how this family of risk-takers helped shape Canada's transportation industry.

From humble beginnings as makers of axe handles, to becoming the McLaughlin Carriage Company, the largest carriage producer in the British Empire, this powerhouse player changed with the times to become General Motors of Canada Limited.

The Remington Carriage Museum uses their carriage collection to tell the story of McLaughlin carriages.

The Reynolds-Alberta Museum uses part of its vast automobile collection to tell the automobile side of the story. Visitors see beautifully restored and as-found McLaughlins and McLaughlin-Buicks.

Exhibition highlights include:

  • 1908 McLaughlin Model F
  • 1916 Buick D-4 Hearse
  • 1928 McLaughlin-Buick Model 28-496 Country Club (Royal Touring Car)
  • 1929 Chevrolet AC International Cabriolet

This exhibition is sponsored by Alberta Motor Association.

Justin Cuffe
Curator, Transportation Collections