Motorbikus Mechanicus... A Love Story

Reynolds-Alberta Museum and Fairview Campus, Grande Prairie Regional College, invite you to join us as we share the history of Canada’s finest motorcycle training programs.

Learn about:

  • the history of Fairview Campus as it pertains to motorcycle repair training over a 40 year period  
  • the people, the work, and the international scope and influence of the programs
  • more than 30 rare gems in the college’s “Toy Box” collection of motorcycles, integral for training over the years, including concept bikes, early production, mint condition bikes  

Things to do:

  • See a video of a motorcycle engine rebuild
  • Hear short taped interviews with program alumni
  • View 40 selected bikes that have been used in training 
  • See a cut-away of a full motorcycle 
  • See a variety of historical memorabilia, including safety clothing, promotional materials etc.
  • Take and share a DIY photo sitting in a Harley-Davidson trike
  • See what the future holds for these programs at Fairview Campus 

Special events (dependent on COVID-19 restrictions)